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SEKAI 世界 (せかい) - is KIRA’s blockchain application responsible for all on-chain logic such as processing transactions and state transitions. SEKAI is executed by specialized node operators called consensus nodes a.k.a “Validators” who individually propose new blocks and together agree on the correctness of each new block in accordance with the SEKAI codebase. In short, all logic relevant to the block propagation and networking is handled by Tendermint while all application logic is handled by the SEKAI (sekaid).


INTERX - "Interchain NginX", is a decentralized API (dAPI) and Content Availability Layer (CA) that enables access to the state of blockchain applications and rollups without relying on any third-party service providers. Decentralized middleware makes it easier to build frontend applications and eliminates the need for difficult-to-maintain light clients. Its main functions are distributed applications proxy, load balancer, replicated storage, and security gateway service for communication between the backend and front end. INTERX requires access to both the GRPC and the Tendermint RPC endpoint (Tendermint RPC) of the SEKAI node.
Documentation coming soon…


MIRO 看 (見る) - is a KIRA network frontend application and web wallet that allows users to interact with the KIRA blockchain through the decentralized API, INTERX. It provides an easy-to-use interface for managing KIRA accounts and assets, making it accessible to a wide range of users. MIRO web application is static and fully self-contained. This means that once the page is loaded into your browser all actions you take occur locally on your computer. There is no need for any hosting servers or access to the internet beyond the IP of any local or public INTERX node.
Documentation coming soon…